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Networking for Good

IMPACT gives back!

Networking for Good is a series of networking events in the DC Metro area that benefit both the business and non-profit communities. A different kind of professional networking, we’ve taken a whole new approach to making business connections.

When you attend N4G, everyone benefits. Business professionals make excellent contacts while supporting local charities. Non-profits receive media exposure, increased awareness, as well as 100% of ALL event proceeds. Our Events Create Buzz, Draws Crowds and Support Causes.

Networking for Good is the brainchild of Eddie Fam of IMPACT Marketing & Events. Eddie launched N4G in response to the lack of affordable and effective networking opportunities that also support important causes in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area. As a business owner, Eddie knows all to well how crucial networking is to growing and developing business relationships. He also wondered if there was a way to network and do something useful, where “IMPACT could give back” at the same time.

Come to our next event and you’ll look at professional networking in a whole new way!

Some of the non-profit organizations that we’ve supported are Habitat for Humanity, Capital Area Food Bank, Aguayuda, Bite Me Cancer, Joe Gibbs Foundation Youth for Tomorrow, Luke’s Wings, PS Charities, Wesley Housing, Alive!, Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless, Community Lodgings, New Hope Housing, and the Wolf Trap Foundation.

Check out Events page to get details of our next Networking for Good event.

Watch video testimonials given by members of the business community.